The Wrists Should Remain Quiet When Golf Chipping

Golf ChippingWhether a Golf Player is experienced or a novice, if they are having golf chipping difficulties the culprit is usually found in excessive wrist action as they take their shot. The most common reason for this added wrist action, is that golf players are trying to control the power behind their golf chipping shot in a way that simply does not work. Instead of allowing their body to flow naturally through the golf chipping shot, they try to hold back on their power. If the shoulders and body are not allowed to perform their function as a golf player takes their stroke, the wrists will try to compensate. If a golfer allows their wrists to twist while taking a shot, the result will be inconsistent and unpredictable golf chipping.

Golf players that produce consistently good golf chipping shots keep the wrists still while allowing the shoulders to swing like a pendulum. This body motion is much like that of a quality putting stroke. When aligning one’s self up with the golf ball in preparation for a golf chipping shot it is good to keep the “Y” drill in mind. See to it that the arms form the shape of a lower case “y” before you begin your backswing. The main points to remember are as follows; hands should be ahead of the ball, the forward arm should be perfectly aligned with the outstretched club, and the other arm completes the outline of the letter “y”.